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Re: Cups & Samba with Print problem

On (09/01/06 21:33), Don wrote:
> I am a newbie at Linux and got CUPs running with Samba to print to my 
> Windows printer over my home network.  This was running well for several 
> weeks and then ........................ nothing.  Following a power outage 
> my printing from the Linux box simply quit.  I did several things and 
> finally ended up restarting   both CUPS and Samba and got one page printed 
> out and then it stopped again.  This time research lead me to lpstat -t to 
> get a print of the CUPS server status.  Here is what that shows:

I had a similar problem back last November - check the archives for :
Bug#339015: samba: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED when trying to print via cups

It was different insofar as the problem was printing to a samba
rather than windows printer.

However, check the thread - it may be something to do with a corrupted
.tdb file.



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