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Re: Problems with installation Debian 31r1

Hi.  Please in the future use more informative subject lines.  There's
too much traffic in this mailing list for everyone to read *everything*;
so people rely on informative subject lines to decide what to read and
what not.  Without one, people are likely to just skip your email.
See http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#bespecific
for more (the whole document is worth reading, but this part is

Oleg Kaplun wrote:
>   Hello,
>    I've just bought new ASUS "A8N-VM CSM" motherboard with CPU: AMD 64 
> 3200+.
>    Motherborad hase integrated LAN (Gbit MACwith Marvell 88E1111 
> external PHY), VGA (intergated GeForce6150 + nForce 430), SATA II 
> interfase, etc.
>    Problems are:
>    1. LAN can not be detected.

Try installing the "forcedeth" module manually.

>    2. HDD (Sata 2) is not recognized by Debian: ERROR - No Partitionable 
> Media were found..

The kernel on Sarge install disks (2.6.8?), as I understand it, has
crappy SATA support.  I understand that this has been fixed in more
recent kernels.  This is a common problem discussed on the Debian
AMD64 mailing list.  There are several possible solutions; two I've heard

1) install onto an IDE/PATA disk, build a more recent kernel, move
your install to the SATA disk (including putting grub/lilo there),
and pointing your BIOS to the new disk;

2) using a more recent build of the installer that includes a
more recent kernel.

But my main recommendation to you is to try the debian-amd64 mailing
list, which is where most issues with installing and using amd64 port
get discussed.



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