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Re: Problems with installation Debian 31r1

On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 10:28:22AM +0200, Oleg Kaplun wrote:
>  Hello,
>   I've just bought new ASUS "A8N-VM CSM" motherboard with CPU: AMD 64 
> 3200+.
>   Motherborad hase integrated LAN (Gbit MACwith Marvell 88E1111 
> external PHY), VGA (intergated GeForce6150 + nForce 430), SATA II 
> interfase, etc.
>   Problems are:
>   1. LAN can not be detected.
>   2. HDD (Sata 2) is not recognized by Debian: ERROR - No Partitionable 
> Media were found..
>     I'm using Debian 31r1-i386 ISO CD images to install Debian 
> operating system.
>   Thing is that WinXP detects and uses HDD properly, same to integrated 
> LAN.
>   Can you give me any hints how to get available HDD and LAN or 
> redirect me to any FAQ with helphul information? I can not use my new PC 
> for my purposes.. Please help me!
First: try the AMD64 distribution. You should find a link from
http://cdimage.debian.org to the installer .iso.

You may also want to try the CD installation images for Debian "testing" 
which will become the stable distribution (code named Etch) at the end of 

I assume there's nothing on the machine you need to keep :)

There is also a debian-amd64 list: searching the archives there may

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