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Re: pet super market at uol dot com dot br is back

Gene Heskett wrote:

Hi All;

I'm being banged on by them for every post to the debian-user list again this morning. And I've written 2 filters for kmails filtering, neither of which seem to work.

Anybody in .br country wanna make some money delivering some of Alred Nobel's finest?
I also dont see anything like this. I havenot setup any filters for this either. I just use a separate gmail address for mailing lists and let the "spam blocking dirty work" be done by gmail. But gmail interface is clumsy in its own way (no threads, no options to delete messages). So I use their POP facility to export the emails and read them by thunderbird (and enable adaptive controls in the junk mail filtering). The advantage with this method are

1) you are doing two junk mail filterings (one by gmail, the other by your email client). 2) I use gmail at the first step because, their filters are usually uptodate (as they get spam data from every user using gmail) and the user interventaion involved in the process of filtering is minimal.

End result :- Most of the time I do not see any junk emails at all. Maximum number of junk emails that end up in my Inbox is 2 per day (out of some 150 odd emails that I receive from various mailing lists).


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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