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Recommendation for newsreader

Title: Recommendation for newsreader

So far, I have been using pan.

However, it tends to become painfully slow when the groups contain more
than 30.000 messages; exponentially slow.
On the other hand, I don't want to re-ask old questions, and prefer the
archive of gmane.org, which as of now contains more than 200.000 posts.
With numbers like this, to search for a keyword in the subject or an
author's name, it can take literally minutes to sort through the posts in
order to come up with the result.

I have also briefly looked at Thunderbird and Sylpheed, but both seem to
suffer from a similar problem. Neither seems to implement advanced search
strategies like hashing and stuff. All seem to do pure text / string
searches. ('seem' == I didn't look at the code.)

Now I'd really appreciate your recommendation for a method or apparatus to
handle groups with large numbers of messages in a suitable and reasonably
fast manner.

Thanks in advance,


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