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Re: Trouble with nvidia glx.

Le Dimanche 8 Janvier 2006 03:52, Adam Porter a écrit :
> Where did you get the glx module?  You didn't mention installing the
> nvidia-glx package.
> If nothing else works, you might try switching to Xorg (I know it's not in
> Sarge, but neither is 2.6.14 or the new nVidia drivers.  :)
I got the glx module for the nvidia installer (the .run file).
Since it can't stay loaded after the reboot I will try again with the kernel 
2.6.14 and the nvidia-glx given by debian.

I took an higher kernel version because the 2.6.8 has a bug so I can't use my 
usb gamepad.
With Kubuntu, I had no trouble so I was very disappointed, maybe it is 
xfree86's fault but I have never heard about such a bug and Kubuntu uses xorg 
I am just wondering why I failed my installation with the general method.

P.S. : Well, I forgot to tell but at the beginning I took all nvidia related 
packages, including nvidia-glx.

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