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Re: Which modules?

On Sunday 08 January 2006 12:50, David Baron wrote:
>Now that I can roll my own kernel, got rid of the initrd and all that,
>question is how to pare down the number of modules--most of the time
> spent compiling the thing is spent on hundreds of modules to support
> the known universe. All I need is to support my own computer.
>Some things may be simple: I have no nvidia anywhere, no wireless, no
> HP, nada. I also have the documentation for my motherboard
> somewhere--an old sockitome from the far east. I have lmsensors
> working so know what modules are involved. That leaves several
> hundred more around.
>Is there a utility, script, that can tell me what I need and what I
> should simply set to "N" instead of "M"? Alternatively, something to
> tell me what I am actually using now?

The 'M's can be discovered from a run of lsmod, then comparing that list 
to what the various drivers will be called.  No use building those 
which are not being brought in boot time.

Cheers, Gene
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