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RE: How do I manually set the MTU on a PPP Connection?

Hi John,

Thanks for the clarification on the whole wvdial thing. 

Far as the setting, no it was not set to 0, it was commented out. I still
have no idea why my MTU was set to 0. I had no firewall software running on
the machine at the time. Only the default min. load of Debian "linux26" and

Ether way, your fix worked. Thanks a ton! I will have more questions later
about automating some of my tasks, but I want to try to figure them out on
my own first :)

This list has been great! 

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
206-715-TECH (8324)


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Tyson Varosyan writes:
> ...when I dial-up using pppd or wvdial...

It isn't "pppd or wvdial".  Wvdial is a pppd configurator.

> Apparently every time a connection is made, the MTU is reset.

Edit /etc/ppp/options.  You should find a line reading '#mtu <n>'.
If the line reads 'mtu 0' you've found your problem (though I don't know
how it would have gotten changed).  In any case, make it 'mtu 1492'.

I suspect that your firewall script may be setting the mtu to 0, though.
John Hasler

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