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How do I manually set the MTU on a PPP Connection?

Those whom have followed previous threads learned that for whatever reason,
when I dial-up using pppd or wvdial, I have an MTU of 0 automatically
assigned. This caused all kinds of fun issues. What I have been doing is
manually changing it after I connect via

ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1500

This stands in the way of having my box be automated. I tried specifying the
ppp0 connection and the MTU in my /etc/network/interfaces file, but that did
not help. Apparently every time a connection is made, the MTU is reset.

I think that I need some post-execution script put on ether pppd or wvdial
to run the above ifconfig command. How do I do that?

Please keep in mind, this is my 7th day using Linux, so please list
instructions in verbose mode :)

A somewhat related question: What should I have my MTU set to? Based on what
I have read, 1500 is a bit too high for optimal performance. This is a
Verizon Wireless PPP over cellular connection. Verizon claims 100k/400k
up/down speeds. 

Thanks in advance.

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
206-715-TECH (8324)


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