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Focus in KDE with kwin, New Widows Have Inferiority Complex

How do I configure KDE and kwin so that the window for a new application
launched from an existing application, an icon, or the panel gets
focus automatically and doesn't appear below other windows?  This was the
default behavior in gnome with the sawfish or metacity window managers.

Here are examples of problems I'm having.

(1) I launch a terminal to download a file with wget from a mozilla menu
item (using the mozex extension).  The terminal window materializes behind
the browser window so I don't even know it's there. It takes clicks and
reshuffling of the desktop to find it. Terminals launched from within
emacs have the same problem. In contrast, a terminal launched from the
panel rises to the top and has focus.

(2) Using a gnome-terminal, I launch mozilla from the command line.
If there are no other instances of mozilla, the new mozilla window rises
to the top and takes focus away from the shell window as I would like and
expect; however, if there is an existing mozilla window, the new mozilla
window goes behind the old mozilla window and does not get focus.
Perhaps more surprising, the same is true if mozilla is launched from
the panel.

When emacs is the "new application", it rises to the top and takes focus
in all situations, as desired.

I tried using the "configure window behavior/focus" and
"configure window behavior/window-specific settings/preferences"
menu items from the title bar but couldn't get the results I wanted.

I also tried switching to sawfish (still with KDE), which did solve the
focus problems, but I lost the ability to move a window from one desktop
to another (among other things).  Gnome/sawfish has this ability, but it
must come from Gnome.  KDE/kwin also has this ability, but it must come
from kwin.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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