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Re: setting up Debian Linux from scratch

On Friday 06 January 2006 10:04, Cold Fusion wrote:
> Sorry if this is in fact included in the install manual, but I have a
> computer I'd like to install Debian on, it's presently got windows, and I
> don't like that - I'm going to uninstall it. But then how do I install
> linux? I've got the CD, and help would be appreciated. Thanks

Do you have the netinstall CD? I believe that is the easiest way to install if 
you have a fast internet connection. Just put the CD in the drive and reboot. 
It should boot from the CD. At the prompt, enter expert26 then hit enter. It 
will walk you through the setup. Do you have another machine you can access 
the internet on? You'll need it if you get stuck.


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