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Re: [Way OT] "#!/bin/bash" changes working directory

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply again!

> > open("/home/finotti/.bashrc", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 3
> There it is. From the bash manpage I gather that a non-interactive
> bash doesn't read _any_ startup files, except for any file that
> is mentioned in the environment variable $BASH_ENV. Does this
> variable happen to be set, and to what value?

You've got it:

babbage[~/tmp]% echo $BASH_ENV

This is set in the default ".bash_profile" here (at work).  I've never
changed it.  So, that is not the usual case?  What is the usual value?

> This one is probably sourced from your .bashrc, I presume...

Yep.  They did not have it installed here, so I copied from my home
computer and sourced it in my .bashrc.

Thanks for your help!


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