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Re: Boot in console not X [Was]Re: X server problem

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 01:35:40PM +0000, David Pead wrote:
> Now however, in my fumbling around trying to fix the Xserver I've messed up
> the keyboard mapping. I need to get back to the command line to reconfigure
> but can't use the usual alt-F1.

normally, from within X, that would be ctrl-alt-F1 (once you're in the
virtual console, both ctrl-alt-F7 and alt-F7 work to get you back...)

> How can I boot and not start the X server?
> Can I hold down a key when Linux starts? I use bootX to boot, can I pass an
> argument of somesort to go straight to the console?

I'm not familiar with the bootup process on Macs, so others will have
to chime in here.
Assuming your keyboard setup isn't messed up entirely, so you can still
open up an xterm in X, you could always switch runlevels (single user
mode -> init(8)), or try to terminate the X server (ctrl-alt-Bksp), or
kill it explicitly, or kill/shutdown the display manager (xdm, kdm,
gdm), in case you're using one (to avoid automatic restarting of X).

OTOH, depending on which admin task you need to perform, you might also
be able to do it right from within X (from a root shell).


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