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Re: [solved] Re: can't mount my root partition (rescue mode)

Pascal Kiehl wrote:
I used e2fsck -b 32769 /dev/hda4 and all worked well.
Many inodes corrupted, but after the fix I could mount my filesystem :-)

might be time for a new disk?

I don't really now... The reason is because I used my laptop and sudently my hardrive was disconnected... I don't know if this it's destructive or not...
I have never had any prolem before...

All modern hard disks have an internal "Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)". If you install the package
"smartmontools" you get tools which allow you to access this information
and to run additional diagnostic routines. This can help you to
recognize the symptoms of an imminent hard disk crash before it is too late.

You make regular backups of all your important stuff anyway, right?


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