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Re: Rsync options

On (04/01/06 08:55), Ed Curtis wrote:
>  I'm rsyncing some directories to an offsite machine for backup purposes
> and am running into some problems with permissions. I'd like to keep the
> same owner,group and permissions on each file rsync'd. I've tried
> rsync -a {src} user@{host}:/{dest}
> and
> rsync -pog {src} user@{host}:/{dest}
> and the owner always gets changed to "daemon" and the group to "users".
> The file permissions seem to be preserved with either option set. What do
> I need to keep the same owner,group?

I explored this a while back and found the easiest (for me) solution was
to run rsync as a daemon on the {src} machines and run the backups from
the {dest} machine using a cronjob - my notes are here:




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