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Hardware SATA Raid Controller

Hi ppl,

	I'm assembling an internal server for my company, and we need both a lot of 
diskspace (for shared files, software backups, devel repository, etc) and 
some security on disk failures.

	I thought  that a Raid5 with several smaller disks would solve our problem, 
but that brings me other. I would need a raid controller, that do it by 
hardware, not that sh*t that (at least some) Promise/FastTrack controllers do 
(or what I managed to make them do - raid by software), and that at the same 
work with debian as "out of the box" as possible.

	One solution would be to buy a HP server, with a raid controller, but that 
solution is a bit over my budget, so I the solution goes by buying the 
RaidController and assembly the server.

	My question is: What Raid HARDWARE controllers did you managed to configure 
in Debian without (too) much work? Which ones for RAID5 and SATA?

	Thank you  very much for your help,

AvidMind, Consultadoria Informática, Unipessoal, Lda.
OpenSource Specialists
Lisboa, Portugal

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