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apt-get linux-image-2.6.x automatically menu.lst in grub to boot volume of /dev/hdb2 but it is currently /dev/hda2 how to readjust


I originally set up my system with /dev/hdb  as the system drive. Root 
partition was /dev/hdb2. 

 I then rearranged my system to /dev/hda* for the different partitions.  I 
manually edited /boot/grub/menu.lst  to /dev/hda2 etc.

Now every time I do apt-get linux-image-2.6.14 or so, I get a kernel panic 
because debian autoadjusts all the settings in menu.lst to
/dev/hdb2 instead of /dev/hda2. I then have to edit the grub file  manually 
back to /dev/hda2.

How do I tell debian what I have done,  so it will "know" what is going on. 
Then I don't have to readjust each time I apt-get a new kernel?

Mitchell Laks

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