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RE: How to play these files on Debian (Sarge)

> From: Robert Glueck
> Sent: Friday, December 30, 2005 1:46 PM


> You wanted some feedback on which media players play which
> formats in Debian Sarge.  I just ran a couple of tests on
> my media players using common media formats.  Here are the
> results:
>                mov     avi     wmv      rm       mpg    mp3
> Xine           yes     yes     yes      no       yes    yes
> VLC          vid only  yes     yes      no       yes    yes
> Mplayer      vid only  yes     yes      no       yes    yes
> RealPlayer     no      no      no       yes      no     yes
> With mov, MPlayer produced the error message "needs codec
> for audio format 0x324D4451".  Perhaps the same codec is
> what's needed for VLC, too.  I'll see if I can find it
> somewhere.
> Versions installed:
> Xine 0.99.3
> MPlayer 1.0cvs
> VLC 0.8.2-svn
> RealPlayer (Gold) for Linux

Minor update to Bob's fine summary:

VLC 0.8.4 plays .mov files with both audio and video (at least under
Win2K, I assume the Linux version is the same)


Seth Goodman

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