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Re: Where to file a package-dependency bug?

Since Andrew Vaughan already answered your first question, I'll just get
this one:

The Wanderer wrote:

> (As long as I'm here anyway, a minor question on completely another
> topic: since I'm told that apt-get and apt-cache are deprecated, what is
> the intended successor - in aptitude or similar - to 'apt-cache policy'?
> The aptitude man page tells me nothing useful. I find 'apt-cache policy'
> more routinely useful than just about any other apt command, and would
> be very disturbed to lose its functionality.)

As far as I know, apt-get / apt-cache are not deprecated, they just have
fewer features than aptitude / synaptic / etc. and probably won't have
many new features added.  For instance, apt-get doesn't keep track of
which packages were installed automatically for dependency reasons,
doesn't install Recommends, etc.  Apt-get is sort of the "reference
implementation" of APT.

On the other hand, aptitude doesn't have the functionality of (for
instance) "apt-get source" or "apt-get build-dep".  I think you can
continue using "apt-cache policy" without any worry that it will go away


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