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Re: firefox - how to change menu font

On Monday 02 January 2006 15:45, Steve Webster wrote:
>Wayne Topa wrote:
>>LeVA(leva@az.isten.hu) is reported to have said:
>>>Is it possible to change firefox's (1.5) font, which is used to
>>> display it's menus and dialog windows?
>>Not quite sure what you mean but
>>Edit -> Preferences -> Content-> Fonts&Colors Advanced -> Display
>>Resolution  might be what you are looking for?
>Display resolution changes how you see on the page. If you want to
> make changes to the menu font size you need to add a line to your
> userChrome.css, here are two possibilities taken from
> * Make all the default font sizes 20 pt:
> */
>  * {
>    font-size: 20pt !important
>  }
> * Make menu items in particular 15 pt instead of the default size:
> */
>  menupopup > * {
>    font-size: 15pt !important
>  }
>You might want to check out the following for a clearer explanation
> of how to do this stuff.

Thanks, I will give this a shot in the next day or so.

Cheers, Gene
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