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Re: Where to file a package-dependency bug?

The Wanderer wrote:

> (In the process, I've discovered that reportbug does not permit a bug to
> be reported on a dependency package, but only on the packages it depends
> on. This is probably another bug...)

I didn't believe this at first but it's true!  I think it's planned
behavior, though.  Looking into the reportbug code, you can force
reportbug to submit a bug against the dependency package when the mode
is set to advanced or expert.  (This can be changed in ~/.reportbugrc)
There are other sneakier ways, too, although the fact that they work is
probably unintentional.

By the way, while checking into this, I found that the reportbug in sid
actually crashes when one runs "reportbug x-window-system-core".  Just
filed as #345699.

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