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X configuration (amd64)


I've installed amd64 etch and moved on to setting up X. I got iver the
nVidia card hurdle and run

apt-get install x-window-system
apt-get install gnome
apt-get install kde

(trying to avoid restarting the gnome vs. kde flames :))

X starts fine using both GNOME and KDE, the login screen collects
password, I get the spalsh screen and it shows the first load step
(?), i.e. the icon the debian sqauare with the caption "Window
Manager" but it stops there, no additional loads happen. If I click on
the icon, the square disappers and I'm lef with the background. If I
kill X, kdm/gdm will restart it. If I leave it alone, the screen saver
kicks in. Seems to me that the window manager fails to load. Any
suggestions what I should check? TIA,


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