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Re: Where to file a package-dependency bug?

The Wanderer wrote:

> In current sid, the x-winow-system-core package depends on both
> xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi. The package description for xfonts-75dpi
> includes the note:
> ==
>  This package and xfonts-100dpi provide the same set of fonts, rendered at
>  different resolutions; only one or the other is necessary, but both may be
>  installed.
> ==
> xfonts-100dpi contains a mirror of the same sentence.
> This is either a bug in x-window-system-core (AND dependency rather than
> OR dependency) or a bug in both xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi
> (incorrect description). Under which package should I file the bug
> report?

I'd file it against x-window-system-core (with severity "minor" or
"wishlist", since nothing is really broken by the existing situation).
The xfonts-*dpi descriptions are true enough, you only need one of the
sets of fonts installed.


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