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Corrupted ulogd pcap files


I am running ulogd 1.02-2 with the pcap plugin on a 2.6.12 kernel.
The problem is that on a rather regular basis, the pcap files seem to
become corrupted:

 # tcpdump -r /var/log/ulog/ulogd.pcap

gives me only

 > tcpdump: bad dump file format

If I stop ulogd, remove the offending file and restart it, it works OK
- for about the rest of the day.

I wonder whether maybe logrotate has a hand in this: I normally notice
the corruption in files that have been rotated recently.
Does anyone have any experience with This kind of behavior? Is there
any additional information that might be important?
This really bugs me and I would truly appreciate any ideas as to what
to do about it.


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