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Re: 10 second startup for emacs on system with 1GB ram Athlon64 3200. postgresql shared memory issues. vi ok immediate

OOps: The problem was that emacs was doing a reverse dns  lookup or something.

The clue was "10 seconds". 

As soon as I put the hostname and ip in /etc/hosts emacs went back to 

I have never been able to configure a local caching dns server on debian with 
bind. I dont know how, despite  all the reading I have done. So  I just 
fix /etc/hosts 
which is of course the dumb way. 

On the other hand on my main machine, I do have a 5 second startup delay of 
emacs while it does all sorts of things that I know nothing about:
such things as



flash by in the minibuffer. What  in the world is that? 
How to dispense with it?


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