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Re: Sarge-built binaries running on Woody systems?

hi ya 

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Matt England wrote:

> Can one run Sarge-built binaries on Woody?

you "might" be able to .. but it is NOT desired

> Can one run Woody-built binaries on Sarge?

you "might" be able to .. but it is NOT desired


you can usually run old binaries on newer systems
	- a dumb/obvious example is to run 2.6 kernels
	on a 2.4 kernel based systems ( it just won't work
	unles you know exactly what to tweek to make to work )

you can usually run new binaries on older systems
that does NOT have the "new features" requirements
of the new apps and new libs
	- common example would be to run newer kernels
	and new apache/mysql/foo apps on the "standard distro"

if you mix and match binaries and libraries .. you are
on the bleeding edge ( alone in teh world ) and are truly
"testing" all the whacky things one can do to a system


i like mixed binaries and libraries that have been
copied from xx into yy because it's job security for me
as the outsider to come in and clean up the corp environments 
for a good chunk of change ...

c ya

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