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Re: Sarge-built binaries running on Woody systems?

I'm still looking for any guidance on this topic.

In summary:

Can one run Sarge-built binaries on Woody?
Can one run Woody-built binaries on Sarge?

In the same context, how well would Debian 2.x-built binaries work on 3.x and vice versa?

For what it's worth, I soon have to establish some Debian binary-to-test-system rev-control policies before I got into first round test on my group's software.


At 12/29/2005 01:45 PM, Matt England wrote:
Sarge-built binaries running on Woody systems:

Is this feasible?

I'm not talking about package management...just the raw, binary.

Are dynamic-library-management tricks needed? Does the Debian testing authority (or whoever is given responsibility of anointing Debian releases for distribution) make any attempt at backwards compatibility for this kind of stuff?

As per similar motivation for my previous redhat-on-Debian binary porting conversation: I'm hoping that one Debian build will work on many Debian systems.

Can I at least count on a Woody-built binary working ok on a Sarge-based system? In this context, how far "back" can I go to get "forward" compatibility? (ie, how many revs before Sarge can I go back to "build on" and still get Sarge compatibility?)

If there are reasons why the answer is "depends" instead of a flat "yes" or "no": I would love to know these reasons. This is what I'm specifically hunting for.


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