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Re: Using USB pen drive

Suggest 'fdisk /dev/sdb' to check out the partition table on the unmounted 
device - make a back-up first.

I have a 128 MByte '3-inch' USB flash drive that occasionally ends up with a 
thrashed partition table - although I always unmount and eject it properly. 
I've tried various file-systems on it - VFAT, ReiserFS, ext2, ext3 - but so 
far no cure.


> I said /dev/sdb, not /dev/sdb1.
> > Besides, merely mount /dev/sdb will definately won't work, since there
> > are apparently partitions in it...
> Those "partitions" are the misinterpretation of the filesystem data as a
> partition table.  There is a very good chance that /dev/sdb contains a file
> system.  Try it before saying it won't work.

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