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Re: notification of updates


I dont like anyone just tell me anything in any moment, I like search by my 
self; but if you like that hmmm!

In Debian (the better for me ;))

To update information about new packages:
*  apt-get update
Then to know which packages installed have new updates:
*  apt-show-versions -u | sort | less

I hope it can help you


El Jue 29 Dic 2005 18:09, kamaraju kusumanchi escribió:
> In windows XP, when using acroread, it gives a notification if there is
> a new version of acroread available. While this popup is considered
> annoying by a lot, for some reason, I happen to like this feature. Now
> my question is 'Is there any software in Debian which performs a similar
> functionality?'
> For example, when I open a file with gvim, I would like to have a pop up
> saying that "there is a new version of gvim available in the
> repositories". It need not give options to install the software. But if
> it does that, it would be super! Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome.
> FYI, I am using unstable branch.
> thanks
> raju
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