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Re: kpilot not syncing addresses and todos [FIXED kinda]

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Chris Howie wrote:
> Sorry for revising this so soon, but it turns out that the calendar seems to be
> completely unsynchronized.  The first sync or so saw some data transfer, but
> now changes on either device are not noticed by the other.  Todos are simply
> clobbered with the data on the Palm.

While I'm ranting and filling the mailing list with meaningless drivel, I may
as well explain what I found.

The non-syncing was kind of a red herring.  There seems to be a lot of
illogical stuff going on under the hood.  For some reason, if I modify an event
with Korganizer and only add recurrence, there's a good change the Palm won't
notice.  Solution?  Turn recurrence off on the PC copy and sync.  Then turn
recurrence on on the Palm copy and sync.  Poof, magic.  Magic in the sense of a
card trick that a 6-year old knows.

Todos are slightly more obvious, but still broken.  If the calendar does not
contain any todos, kpilot assumes that it hasn't been synced yet.  So if I
purge my todos, kpilot happily restores them from the palm.  I was able to
confirm this by manually deleting all of the todos except one and syncing.  The
Palm noticed this (or rather, kpilot did) and the todos were removed from the
Palm.  I deleted the last todo on the PC and synced, and it reappeared on the
PC.  Remove it on the Palm, sync, and it's gone.


So unless anyone has some other ideas of why this is happening, I intend to
file a bug on this tonight.

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Chris Howie

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