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Re: hosed disk usage stats

At 12:18 PM 12/29/2005, Chris Howie wrote:

Try running fsck on the drive.  It usually goes something like this:

 # init 1
lots of crap while apps shut down

Including ssh. :) Console almost at arm's length though.

 # mount / -o remount,ro

Went well; for the heck of it I did a df right after mounting hda1 read only and it looked peachy.

 # fsck /dev/hda1
it will scan for errors

Found none.

 # df
make sure the output is what you expect
 # mount / -o remount,rw
 # init 2
stuff should start back up

Worked like a charm, gotta read up on init - looks handy. Since df looked good before running fsck wonder if something I did recently messed up the display and just stopping my running processes fixed it?

Thanks Chris.


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