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Re:  3d acceleration (Mach 64 ATI rage pro)

On Thursday 29 December 2005 05:33, 
debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> >There are debian packages which are more up-to-date than those sited
> > above. Add to your sources.list:
> >#new DRI locations?
> >deb http://www.nixnuts.net/files/ ./
> >deb-src http://www.nixnuts.net/files/ ./
> >
> >There are three packages: One is has the dri drivers similar to those
> > cited above. There is a script to build them over Debian kernel-headers
> > or follow the instructions cited in the article. The second has the mesa
> > dri-trunk libraries to connect this stuff and the third has an Xorg. This
> > Xorg is compiled to enable mach64--stock Xorg does not work. This Xorg
> > will install over existing Xfree installations and (follow the
> > instructions) will work no sweat.
> >
> >These packages were supposed superceded by newer Xorg and mesa packages.
> > The more recent Xorg will NOT work.
> >  
> Thanks everyone for the responses.  I added the above to my sources
> list, and installed xlibmesa-gl1-trunk, and xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk,
> which also resulted in some other packages being installed.  I've
> rebooted, and, when I run glxgears, I get similar speeds, but now
> without the warning, . . .

One more package, the "drm". This contains the sources. If you have 
"kernel-headers" (as opposed to the now "linux-headers") installed, there 
will be a little script to build them for you. Otherwize, go the the 
"linux-core" subdirectory, read the Makefile for instructions. Make mach64.o 
with appropriate reference to your kernel sources, LINUXDIR= if I remember. 
Copy the two resulting mach64.ko and drm.ko to the appropriate place in 
your /lib/modules/kernel .... (there may be a drm.ko there but that one will 
not work--you can locate that to find the place, though).

Now make sure agpgart and mach64 modprobe in this order on bootup.

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