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Re: How to build RHEL software to run on Debian?

On Wed, Dec 28, 2005 at 05:31:16PM -0600, Matt England wrote:
> I'm a software developer, and I would like one set of software binaries 
> (applications, libraries) to be able to run across many Linux platforms, 
> including FedoraCore, Redhat Enterprise Linux, and Debian 

> Is this a worthwhile endeavor?  

IMHO - don't. Supply natively compiled packages for each of the
distributions that you want to support. This will mean compiling the
software up on a number of platforms, but it will produce a result that
is far superior to that of a tarball that is trying to be all things to
all people. 

As a system administrator, there's nothing I find more annoying than
a vendor who claims to support Linux and then provides a nasty tarball
full of unneeded libraries that sit in strange places. As far as I'm
concerned, a distribution's native packaging system is there for a
reason, and it should be used.

In practice - if you're supporting just the major distributions -
you'll probably only need to do the packaging twice (a spec file for
Redhat Enterprise is likely to work without too many changes on Fedora,
SuSE and Mandrake, and the Debian rules can be used to make Ubuntu



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