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Re: Keeping a Window Maximized

Leonid Grinberg wrote:


I usually keep my Firefox window maximized fully when browsing and all
other windows non-maximized (xterm, emacs, etc). However, recently, I
have noticed that if I open a new tab in Firefox, it unmaximizes the
window. If I maximize it again it seems to work for a little while but
not for long. Also, if I log out or even lock the screen, the problem

Any ideas?
Which window manager are you using? Which distribution (stable/testing/unstable)? How did you install firefox (from firefox's website or debian package)? Which version of firefox?

That being said, on my machine, mozilla-firefox 1.0.7 pulled from unstable under KDE environment does not have this problem.


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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