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Running Debian on P166 MMX, 2 gig HDD laptop

I recently installed Debian on an old Dell Latitude XPi. Because of limitations of the system, I had to forego booting from CD and instead create boot and driver diskettes on floppy and load a netstat CD to get the base install done. I installed a minimal set of packages including kde-base, amarok, mozilla, and a few others via aptitude. The installation took up only about 50% of the drive, actually less I think. The install was a success and Debian seems to "like" this machine pretty well.

Anyway, every time I boot up from GRUB, it goes straight to the login prompt, and once you login, you're left at the command line. I am used to the autoboot sequence where it goes directly to the GUI login screen and you just load KDE or Gnome or whatever environment you want. In this case, I am trying to load KDE and have had no success.

What steps do I need to take to get this to work?

Thanks in advance.


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