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OT - power off probs

Hello all,

Am having a problem with my computer not quite relevant to the list (but it runs Debian hey... ;)) but not sure exactly where to ask so I guess this list is better than most. This concerns my computer turning itself off occasionally and refusing to power on unless I move the "Reset CMOS" jumper with the power lead in - it won't work if I move the jumper without the lead plugged in.

Anyway. Setup is a Slot 1 motherboard with a P3 666MHz at 133MHz FSB processor, with 256 meg RAM on a single stick, Geforce MX4000 graphics card and an Intel PCI network card. It also has a floppy drive and runs 1 fan - the CPU fan. No hard drive, no optical drives, or anything else.

I decided to swop 2 cases over - the above go into a nice case while some "server" (for small values of) hardware go into the ugly case. In the original cases, both computers works just fine. The "server" is an EPIA MII 12000 motherboard with 2 x DVB tuners, a 200GB WD hard drive, 512MB RAM on a single stick, DVD RW drive. It also runs 2 case fans and a CPU fan.

So the server stuff goes out of the nice case and into the ugly case, and the P3 666MHz stuff goes into the nice case. The reason I do this is that the P3 stuff will be under my TV while the "server" stuff will be hidden away. So I want to see a nice case rather than an ugly case :) The ceveat of the nice case is that it has a proprietary 240w ATX power supply. The case is advertised to take Mini-ITX boards along with standard ATX boards. I figured that without the hard drive or optical drive, or the dual tuners, the P3 stuff should use less leccy and the 240w PSU should be enough.

So. Put the server stuff in the old case, and put the P3 stuff in the nice case. Server works fine. P3 stuff works fine, but turns itself off randomly - tho usually when something happens such as X starting, or starting to play a video, or even pressing a keyboard key. It then refuses to start again - pulling the lead for a while, putting it back in, or removing the battery, or move the clear CMOS jumper, or push the on/off button - anything unless I leave the power lead and move the clear CMOS jumper and as soon as I take the jumper block off it boots up. Then a few minutes later, powers itself off.

I took a spare 350w PSU and this problem doesn't occur. I suppose this means the 240w PSU isn't up to the job? If so, I'm rather surprised - how does the P3 board on its own overwhelm the 240w PSU while a mini-ITX board with everything on (firewire, PCMCIA slot, CF slot, TV out, VGA, sound, the whole works) and dual DVB tuners and hard drive use up less power? Is that possible? Is there any simple (heh) way to work out how much usage those 2 set ups draws from the PSU?

If this is the case, would getting a slot 1 motherboard with onboard sound and LAN help? Or would I be wasting my time? Or is it best to try and upgrade the PSU to 300w - the case comes in 2 options - 240w or 300w PSU - the latter wasn't available until recently. I might try to get the company to sell me a 300w PSU. But will the 300w PSU help? Or is the board broken? Very unlikely I know.

Thanks very much for your help in advance

Regards - Piers

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