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Re: X config

S Clement wrote:

> No matter what I do with the XF86Config-4 in /etc/X11, I get the same fatal error message at the end:
>                   xf86OpenConsole: Cannot find a free VT
>I could not find anything like xf86OpenConsole.  When I had Debian before, X attached itself to tty7 automatically.  Any ideas?  I cannot find xvidtune.
>Incidentally, I have Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 installed on a Toshiba Satellite A-30.  The 40 Gig drive is halved with WinXP and Debian.  The Debian is on multiple partitions, one each for /swap, /, /home, /usr and /var.  Boot is controlled by lilo.
You're not out of space on any of those partitions, are you?

You haven't specified tty7 as a VT in /etc/inittab, have you? X uses 7 by default, so if you had more than the default six, you need to skip # 7.


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