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Re: fstab problem

On Sat, Dec 24, 2005 at 05:08:09PM -0600, Rodney Richison wrote:
> Rodney Richison wrote:
> >Can any tell me why this works manually
> >
> >mount -t ext2 /dev/hdc1 /mnt/idedrive
> >
> >But this in fstab does not work
> >
> >/dev/hdc1         /mnt/idedrive          ext2    defaults     1 1
> >or this
> >/dev/hdc1         /mnt/idedrive          ext2    defaults     0 0
> >or this
> >/dev/hdc1         /mnt/idedrive          ext2    defaults     1 2
> >
> A bit more info. This is debian sarge. No gui.
> I chmod 777 /mnt/idedrive AGAIN and it finally mounted with mount -a
> I then rebooted to make sure would mount.
> It did not. And would not with mount -a
> I then chmod /mnt/idedrive AGAIN and mount -a then would mount the drive.
Do the permissions of /mnt/idedrive (when hdc1 is unmounted) change?
Is it possible that /dev/hdc1 does not exist at the time during bootup 
that drives are mounted?
Are you sure that /dev/hdc1 has an ext2 file system?

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