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Re: mrxvt doesn't display ncurses applications correctly

Paul Trevethan wrote on Dec, 27:


> > > > I decided to switch from xfce4-terminal to mrxvt but I can't get it
> > > > to display properly ncurses-based applications, such as mutt or
> > > > aptitude. The problems are:
> > > >
> > > > 1. Line-drawing characters, such as the ones mutt uses in threads,
> > > > or aptitude to draw boxes, are displayed as boxes and other
> > > > ugly-looking glyphs. 2. The cursor disappears when mutt or aptitude
> > > > are running.


> This may or may not help. I had a similar issue with mc (file manager) 
> when using rxvt as the terminal. Rather than keep looking in the terminal 
> options, have a look at the man page for the application. I came up with 
> starting mc with the -a or -x parameters and the ugliness went away. Mutt 
> may have a similar solution in its options.

That would be a workaround, yes. I read mutt's and aptitude's man pages but 
there's so equivalent option to mc's -a, so no workaround for these.

Thanks, Paul, for the workaround.

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