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Re: mrxvt doesn't display ncurses applications correctly

Wayne Topa wrote on Dec, 26:


> > I decided to switch from xfce4-terminal to mrxvt but I can't get it to display 
> > properly ncurses-based applications, such as mutt or aptitude. The problems 
> > are:

> > 1. Line-drawing characters, such as the ones mutt uses in threads, or aptitude 
> >    to draw boxes, are displayed as boxes and other ugly-looking glyphs.
> > 2. The cursor disappears when mutt or aptitude are running.


> > Here's my ~/.mrxvtrc:

> > mrxvt.xft: true
> > mrxvt.xftAntialias: true
> > mrxvt.xftNomFont: true
> > mrxvt.xftFont: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
> > mrxvt.xftSize: 9
> > mrxvt.scrollBar: false

> Just tried mutt in mrxvt and it works fine here.
> mutt 1.5.11-4
> mrxvt 0.4.1-3 

So you track etch. I track sid but I downgraded mrxvt and still no joy.

> I did not set up an .mrxvtrc file though...

You'll be using the default font, then, whatever it is. What I notice is: when 
the font doesn't have the line-drawing glyphs, some terminal emulators get 
approximations. konsole and xfce4-terminal do that, but mrxvt doesn't seem to.

Thanks for taking the time to answer !

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