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Re: Using Free JVM implementations (was: Re: debian-user-digest Digest V2005 #3025)

On Sat, Dec 24, 2005 at 04:55:15PM -0200, Rog?rio Brito wrote:

> It would be better to avoid non-free software (speaking as one of the
> maintainers of vrms), of course.
> If you have problems running your applications with some of the Free
> JVMs, then please let the maintainers (or upstream) know about that.
> They will surely appreciate to know which programs don't already work
> with their implementation.
> (Or if it is just a matter of having a few more classes implemented in
> GNU Classpath).

I would prefer to have a completely Free system as well.  Right now I only
have 3 non-free packages (I think): flash, acroread, blackdown java.  I would
love to replace them but last time I checked there were no fully-featured free

I tried Kaffe in the past but it never seemed to work for anything I tried to
run on it.  That was a while ago, though, I imagine it's improved.  I just
don't have time to test another package, I'm in the process of releasing
about 50,000 lines of my own code GPL.  I have to pick my battles.

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