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Re: Sarge kernel update, using newer kernel, should I update older kernel?

On Thursday 22 December 2005 21:24, Laszlo wrote:
> For a Debian Sarge/Stable install, I originally installed Sarge when
> Sarge just went stable.  I believe the first kernel was 2.6.8 that I
> installed as part of the Sarge install (instead of the 2.4.x series). 
> I subsequently upgraded to 2.6.11-k-7 (pulled from debian testing or
> unstable at the time) and am running that kernel currently.  When I
> upgraded, I left 2.6.8 as a choice at bootup.
> While running 2.6.11-k-7, can I update/upgrade the 2.6.8 kernel that
> shows as upgradable in synaptic/apt-get?  I'd like to keep an up to
> date 2.6.8 for emergency purposes, but I don't know if the upgrade will
> work if I'm running 2.6.11 at the time of the upgrade.  Or do I have to
> boot into 2.6.8 prior to upgrading 2.6.8?
> Will upgrading 2.6.8 as the stable updates request just add a patch to
> the kernel, or will I have to go through all the kernel flags again,
> the modules and recompile?

It will upgrade the Sarge version, security update probably, just make 
sure that it does not offer to delete,  what it thinks,  is an obsolete 
kernel..though there will be plenty of warnings trying to remove a 
running kernel.

Greg Madden

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