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Sarge kernel update, using newer kernel, should I update older kernel?

For a Debian Sarge/Stable install, I originally installed Sarge when Sarge 
just went stable.  I believe the first kernel was 2.6.8 that I installed as 
part of the Sarge install (instead of the 2.4.x series).  I subsequently 
upgraded to 2.6.11-k-7 (pulled from debian testing or unstable at the time) 
and am running that kernel currently.  When I upgraded, I left 2.6.8 as a 
choice at bootup.  

While running 2.6.11-k-7, can I update/upgrade the 2.6.8 kernel that shows as 
upgradable in synaptic/apt-get?  I'd like to keep an up to date 2.6.8 for 
emergency purposes, but I don't know if the upgrade will work if I'm running 
2.6.11 at the time of the upgrade.  Or do I have to boot into 2.6.8 prior to 
upgrading 2.6.8?

Will upgrading 2.6.8 as the stable updates request just add a patch to the 
kernel, or will I have to go through all the kernel flags again, the modules 
and recompile?

-- Laszlo
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