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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 01:04:32AM -0500, Chinook wrote:
> post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]
> "She who must be obeyed" is happy with her Thunderbird, Firefox and card
> games, but not overjoyed with my Gaelic naming scheme.  I'm not ready to
> put up GNUstep yet, but I am going to try to get BOINC going again on
> the PC before I get back to my Mac development.  No point in wasting all
> that idle time.
I'm not sure about BOINC as a supported Debian package - there were
a couple of messages from the maintainer of setiathome and the KDE
equivalent that these were now obsolete because they weren't BOINC
and should be removed from the archive in due course. BOINC may
yet make it into Debian as a "drop-in" I suppose :)  BOINC Debian
in Google gives useful pointers :)
> There are three little items I have not been able to resolve yet though,
> and would appreciate any pointers:
> 1)  When booting up, can the keyboard Num Lock be defaulted to On?  I
> keep forgetting to hit the Num Lock key before any digits in passwords
> and it's an unconscious habit to use the number pad rather than the top
> row of the character  section of the keyboard.
BIOS setting? I generally go through and change NumLock to off on all
my PC's - but it's BIOS not Debian per se, since the changes happen
at very low level and very early on.

> 2)  I have my BIOS quieted, but Grub (I guess) is rather verbose.  I
> changed the setting in etc/default/rcS to VERBOSE=no but it doesn't seem
> to make any difference :-(  Is there a way to quiet the Linux boot?
Don't know - some distributions just blank out all the information.
Not sure what they do / where they redirect it to :)

> 3)  How do I put the monitor (only) to sleep after say 10 minutes of
> inactivity.  On my Mac I do this with an Energy Saver setting and also
> did it on the PC when it had Windoze (about the only thing it did well :-)
xscreensaver preferences?  Settings - Screensaver on menu under KDE,
for example. Potentially also a BIOS setting on some PC's, though
I prefer to do this through OS. powersave / powermgmt may also have
"stuff" under ACPI

HTH. Thanks for asking sensible questions, sensibly expressed - it makes
it a good deal easier to answer them :)


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