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Get in on this Now, while it's free, if you really want to make money come 2006

Title: We want to help 200 people live

We want to help 200 people live a happy and financially independent life.

Do EXACTLY as we say and you should make between $3500-$5500 monthly residually within 45 days.


What You SHOULD want in order to live a happy, and satisfying life:

Step 1.  A way to make enough money residually to be financially independent for life

Step 2.  Ensure that your income is sustainable and long-term

Step 3.  Honestly and legitimately help others to do the same, taking a commission ONLY if they succeed

(You may not think you want this now, but you will once you realize how much YOUR life has been affected)



I am on Step 3.  I have done it on my own in the past, helping both me and my students profit together, but I am ready to do it on a larger scale, with their help.



I have personally helped more than 25 people achieve step one and two,

18 of them have agreed to help me achieve step 3.



What You'll Get:

1.  Access to an extremely powerful and effective marketing system that will work in 2006, unlike FFA's (way oversaturated), Google (too much competition)

2.  A great commission plan that will give you enough NOW money to get by and get to the level of $3500+ monthly residually within 45 days

(We have a MANDATORY phone call after 30 days for anyone we feel may need additional help, or is not on the right path to their goal)

3.  A DAILY schedule of EXACTLY what you need to do, simple and step by step, with hundreds of prewritten ads etc. to succeed in our simple program, making you money in a way that has NEVER been done before


4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You'll get us. 

We will be monitoring your account regularly, and personally helping you to achieve your goal.





Have you ever personally helped someone to achieve their goal in any aspect of life?

Whether it's riding a bike, driving a car, or Acing a test......

Did you enjoy the personal satisfaction you felt inside?

Well we love that feeling too, and want more of it. 

And in this day and age with the power and flexibility of the internet, it is VERY possible to achieve just that, to the benefit of EVERYONE associated.



Let's be honest here,

You CANNOT survive in today's society without financial stability, regardless of how good of a person you are.

You need to be able to provide for yourself.


One you are financially dependant.........what better way to satisfy your personal goals along with financial goals than help others do the same?



To qualify for our offer in the pre-enrollment stage for free, Please give us your information below and we will contact you regarding additional details.

We will talk to you personally via email about your current situation, and if we believe you have the dedication it takes to become successful, we will discuss details from there.

There is NO financial commitment -you will know EXACTLY what you are getting into.



Name :
Email Address :



Don't waste our time and give us your information if you are not

REALLY prepared to put an hour or so a day, 5 times a week,

Once you KNOW and completely understand that doing so will bring an end to all of your financial problems for life.


I have wasted my time with negative, lazy, undedicated people in the past, who expect to make millions in a week because of all of the ripoff scams who overpromise out there,

and I'm trying to avoid any of them so we don't waste each other's time.


There is no real, repeatable, way make a huge residual income online in a week or two Without a HUGE initial investment.


If you are one of them, or would like to be removed anyway, go ahead and input your email address below, and you will NEVER receive any information from us again.



Name :
Email Address :



May you be happy and successful,

Enjoy the holidays for now, and come the new year, we will work together to take control of your life.

Charles Roy


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