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can't load fglrx

i am install ati driver 8.20.8 in my system,kernel
2.6.14 patch with ' vesafb',but now i can't load
the fglrx modules,
    when i run modprobe fglrx with bash,there are
    this error in terminal
    "FATAL: Error inserting fglrx
    Operation not permitted
    dmesg ,the error is like this
"    [fglrx:firegl_stub_register] *ERROR*
    Unable to the open some already present
    DRM kernel module!
    so  i think if the error is come from the
    kernel,or i would like to patch the patch
    'vesafb',i am install kernel not uses
    --initrd, compiled the kernel,is so fine,
    and how to solve it,thanks any advives, if
    must compiled kernel again,
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