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Keeping your system clean (was: Re: Suggestions for vrms package?)

Hi, Richard.

On Dec 21 2005, Richard Hector wrote:
> How hard would it be (and how much sense would it make) to have an
> option to list all executables that don't belong to any package?

This is a sensible request. I think that the package "cruft" does a
better job here, as it is specialized in doing that. [1] I think that
vrms could recommend or suggest cruft...

> They may or may not be non-free, of course, but it would be a reminder
> to check.


Thanks for your input, Rogério.

[1] Actually, cruft is more general than that: it searches for any file
that doesn't belong to a package. Of course, assuming how a standard
system is laid on disk, filtering just the binary/executable files would
be a job of grep'ping with a simple regular expression.

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