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Re: (u)mounting of USB devices

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Now we umount and put an other USB Key (e.g. Emprex 128 MB) in, and we
> can not mount anymore because the NEW USB key is detected on /dev/sdf1.
> Question:       How can this problem solved?  Is there a switch to
>                 disable this kernel-module memory effect?
>                 We can only remount on /dev/sde1 if we unload and reload
>                 the module usb-storage.
> Note:   I have already coded a small BASH script which check all 5
>         seconds if /dev/sde1 is mounted and if not, it unload the
>         usb-storage module and reload it.  But this is consuming
>         unnecesary resources.
> Thanks for your Help
> Michelle

I use Gnome and as you probably know this issue has been solved in the
last year or so. But before that, or when this automounting thing was
flaky in Gnome, I was in a similar situation as you. I found udev to be
the solution. I wrote up a few rules which would make a device depending
on what I inserted, so I had a device for Sandisk card reader and a
couple of USB sticks. Once I knew the nature of device (its specs as
reported by udev), I was able to fix it's device name. Maybe you should
look into this if you haven't already. I am sure searching Debian lists
will turn up quite a few posts about this.


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