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Re: Install from usb-stick

Mirko Parthey wrote:

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 12:49:39PM +0100, thierry wrote:
Installing from a usb-stick using either of the 2 way on this link:
I have the following problem:
Boots is OK, I can choose language, keyboard, but then the netinst.iso which is on the stick is not founded by the installer.
I tried on 2 different boxes, with either stable or testing netinst iso.
Can you give me a hint on what's going on.

I have no idea why this doesn't work for you, but may I suggest a
If you have access to a Debian mirror, you could use the netboot initrd,
so you don't need the *.iso anymore.

best regards

I don't have access to a Debian mirror, so it won't work. I think it's not working because I have copied a "raw" iso image and not an image itself. The problem is that I know how to do it properly on a CD but not on a stick. Any one with a hint?

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