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Installer (i386) problem

I'm trying to [re]install Debian on my wife's machine, a PIII/800 with 512MB 
ram. It has an nVidia GeForce 2 card and a pair of 30GB drives. It was 
formerly running Libranet (which is Debian based), with kernel 2.6.11. She 
was having some hard to pin down hardware problems (which I think was 
memory), as it turned out, and I figured since I had the machine down, I 
would rebuild and get rid of the cruft she's accumulated over the last 2 
years or so.

I tried booting the latest etch installer, and found that when I took the 
default at boot (2.6.12), the text was a multicolor, garbled, nureadable 
mess. The dialog boxes were fine, but any text to the screen was trashed. I 
tested the 2.4 install, and the text was okay there. So I downloaded the 
sarge installer, and the same thing happened (though I have not yet tried the 
2.4 install yet.) Booting Kanotix, which is 2.6.11-based as well as INSERT, 
which is also 2.6 gives me a normal display.

Can somone tell me why this is happening only with the 2.6 kernel and only on 
the Debian installer cd? I am transferring data to another drive, but I will 
try vga=ask at startup to see if it helps.

Bradley M. Alexander                       |
IA Analyst, SysAdmin, Security Engineer    |   storm [at] tux.org

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